Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February Songs that Bear Repeating

     As a welcome to the new month, here are favorite songs from February posts of Indie Obsessive. Two months into 2017, and it appears this is an exceptional year in the Indie universe. 

     “Who’s Gonna Save Us Now” by Crystal Cities (from the post of February 23, CLICK HERE if interested). This is still available as a free download: think a more melodic War on Drugs.

     “Only Child” by Dead Owls (from the post of February 3, CLICK HERE if interested). Don't judge this one too soon, the end is even stronger than the start. This one is older, but we missed that bus.

     “Insincere” by Glaciers (from the post of February 27, CLICK HERE if interested). The song is dynamic.

     “Tierp” by My Heart Is a Metronome (from the post of February 3, CLICK HERE if interested). Great band name, even better sound!

     “Ego” by Milky Chance (from the post of February 13, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Alive” by Graeme James (from the post of February 3, CLICK HERE if interested).

     “Leave Your Lover” by Echos (from the post of February 8, CLICK HERE if interested).

   "Where Has The Fire In You Gone?" by VEYU (from the post of February 22, CLICK HERE if interested). 

     “Morning Tea” by Serafyn (from the post of February 26, CLICK HERE if interested).

      “Warpaint” by Natives  (from the post of February 5, CLICK HERE if interested). Think a children choir holding 30 Seconds to Mars hostage.

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