Sunday, March 26, 2017

“True Heroes” by Marlon Brando Island – A Song Review

     The genre strengths of this blog do not include Post Punk. And we’ve been told that we’re featuring a disproportionate number of songs originating from the London area. So, we hesitated to post “True Heroes.” But each time we heard the song, either an additional reason to move forward with the post emerged or an existing reason was strengthened.

     It’s risky, but we love the decision to use a celebrity’s name in the band name. It hasn’t worked for some bands. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. recently changed their name to JR JR, although not because of a demand from the NASCAR driver. It wasn’t a celebrity naming, but Chicago Transit Authority was forced to change its name by the city’s mass transit organization.
     Still, the song warrants the post, not the band name. The instrumentation is almost continuously in transition. At times, the texturing casts some doubt that "True Heroes" can be reproduced in a live setting by a band that is only three members strong. At other times, the instrumental support nearly falls away. The vocalization is also dynamic, moving between a melodic presentation and a controlled scream.

     The members of Marlon Brando Island are Marcus Fulcher (vocals, guitar), Edd Thrope (bass), and Marco Testa-Ryan (drums, backing vocals). 
     “True Heroes” by Marlon Brando Island

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