Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“Woods” by A Choir of Ghosts – A Song Review

     It’s a cry for a sign from above. “Woods” is an admission that he has done wrong; forgiveness will put him back on track. The vehicle for the request is a disarmingly pleasant voice, rather than anguished vocals.

     The poetic imagery is striking. Being less skilled, I would be pleased with writing, “I am in moral disarray.” In comparison, the lyrics of “Woods” include the description, “Praying on my knees; trying to make a fire, so my soul don’t freeze.”  

     Fittingly, information about A Choir of Ghosts is ghost-like. The picture at the top of this post was taken during a performance in Strömsund, Sweden. The picture is found on the Facebook site with minimal help. After searching, we are confident this is the solo project of James Auger. But his decision to add the female backing vocals in “Woods” was a wise one. According to the Submithub.com submission:
  "A Choir of Ghosts from Vittangijärvi will release an A/B side on the 13th April, this is the A-side."

    “Woods” by A Choir of Ghosts 

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