Wednesday, March 29, 2017

“Lefty” by Gallery 47 – A Song Review

     By itself, the arrangement of Gallery 47’s “Lefty” makes the song blogworthy. In addition, there is the vocalization, which has no difficulty with the pressure applied by the arrangement.
     It’s fair to describe the instrumentation as both varied and minimalist. For much of “Lefty,” the mixing emphasizes the steady-beat percussion over more intricate instrumental support. As a result, the listener’s attention is drawn to the vocals and their political message – “I see a bright light on the future, but it only shines brighter when we light it together; when we light it for each other.”
     One exception to the emphasis on minimalist percussion begins at 0:50, when the sounds of a string section enter. Still, the arrangement ensures that attention remains on the vocal tracks by introducing vocal layering. Vocal overdubbing is employed through most of “Lefty” to provide texturing and richness. But in the section that begins at 0:50, voices are lyrically unsynched. This layering is short term, yet decidedly effective.

     Gallery 47 is the performance name of singer/songwriter Jack Peachey, who is currently based in London. Originally from the city of Nottingham, Gallery 47 has released three studio albums: “Fate Is The Law” (2011), “All Will Be Well” (2014) and “Clean” (2016). “Lefty” is the first single from an upcoming EP release. The EP is scheduled to drop on May 5 via Bad Production Records.

     Quoting the information from A Badge of Friendship:
  "Potentially his most politically influenced release yet, Bad Production feels as though it couldn’t have arrived at a more appropriate time. Forthcoming singles 'Lefty,' 'Political Differences' and EP track ‘Overflow’ were written as a result of an alcohol-infused dispute between Peachey and some family members who commented negatively on today’s youth and their approach to finding work. This is an issue Jack has struggled with himself, making this release even more relatable and poignant. The other tracks on the EP follow in a similar vein, filled with Jack’s signature intricate guitar picking and a storytelling charm akin to the likes of Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley’s unique ability to create soft, bittersweet tales of melancholy."

     “Lefty” by Gallery 47 


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