Thursday, March 16, 2017

“Hideaway” by The Nyx – A Song Review

     The Nyx has the benefit of including two impactful female vocalists who know their way around a gripping riff. In the riff-powered song “Hideaway,” Simone Picknett takes the lead vocals. Other songs by The Nyx show that Becky Wixon is more than capable of doing the same.

     Don’t be confused. This is not The Nyx, a Germany-based female band with a single entitled “Home.” Instead, it’s a UK-based female band with a single entitled “Home.” The full membership of the UK Rock Grunge band is Simone Picknett (vocals, guitar) and Becky Wixon (vocals, guitars), Ruby Rose Lee (bass), and Collette Williams (drums).

     Earlier this year, the song “Home” was included in a “Free Friday” post (CLICK HERE, if interested). In comparison, “Hideaway” is more aligned with Rock. Lyrically, Simone states:
“’Hideaway’ is about the struggle of the push and pull of an over thinking mind. What's real and what’s not.”

     The self-titled EP, “The Nyx,” will drop on April 21 via Rumours Music.


     The video takes a late-1960s psychedelic approach, but with 21st century resolution. It is effective in showing the roles of the individual members and provides quick glimpses into their personalities  

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