Monday, March 20, 2017

“Smithereens” by Cloud Hands – A Song Review

     The first thirteen notes of “Smithereens” disclose much about the song. Then, Cloud Hands shows there is more to learn.
     A listener quickly recognizes that “Smithereens” is a catching, hook-powered melody of low-or-no-distortion guitar. Almost as quickly, it becomes clear that Cloud Hands can vocally deliver. Significantly later (around 1:21), the fast twitch drumming (against a metallic drum rim?) provides notification of the percussion skills.
     Cloud Hands is from Elon, North Carolina. The members are Zane Walsh (vocals), Jacob Gordner (guitar), Connor Hanson (guitar), Dylan Malugen (bass), and Brian Dylla (drums). 
     “Smithereens” by Cloud Hands 

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