Wednesday, March 1, 2017

FryeDays’ Offer of 21 Songs

      March is one of three months that deserve the superlative “best” within the Indie Universe. December is the best of the twelve months to discover gems that you somehow missed, because many knowledgeable music lovers publish their year-in-review lists. In California, April is the best month for concert-goers, because bands that travel to Coachella will make quick jumps to San Francisco and other close cities within the gap between their performances during the two weekends of the festival.
     And March is the best month to discover new bands, because 2000 Indie bands head to SXSW in Austin, Texas. In preparation for SXSW, record companies, promoters and sponsors release collections of songs. The most extensive comes from NPR, but there are others sources that provide March collections for exploration. Here is a good one.

FryeDays is a two-day event at SXSW. For the price of an email address, you can download 21 songs from artists who will participate. Soundcloud streams of two of our recommendations are embedded below.

     “Falling Son” by River Whyless

     “Destitute” by Christopher Paul Stelling - This song may be a SXSW highlight.

     According to Stelling, “Destitute” is a “salvation song.” He explains, “It's a song about putting one foot in front of the other, about looking up... I think it's cheerful, a nice place to start. I don’t feel that way everyday, but you know, on some days I do. And it’s good to start off the record that way because then it goes to some pretty dark places.”

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