Wednesday, May 31, 2017

“68” by White Jackets – A Song Review

     White Jackets released a travel song. “68” has a rhythm that is well suited for driving along a highway, with the vehicle’s tires passing over the road irregularities and regularities. It’s not the message of the song, but 68 miles per hour fits the tempo. “68” does include a more relaxed portion that can function as a highway rest stop.

     White Jackets is a duo from Vaajakoski, Finland. They are Turo Myllykangas and Jussi Petäj. Quoting an email submission from White Jackets regarding an EP that includes "68:"
  "The two-man band has recorded and produced this music completely themselves, taking their time crafting the songs and arrangements on the long nights and weekends in their rehearsal space, located in an industrial hall in Vaajakoski, Central Finland. The songs range from quirky to aggressive to lyrical and back. Arrangements include diverse instrumentation:  among the usual suspects like acoustic and electric guitars, bass and drums there are splashes of french horn, kantele, nyckelharpa, baritone sax etc."

     “68” by White Jackets 

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