Wednesday, May 3, 2017

“Home” by Glass Peaks – A Song Review

     “Home” is a strong candidate for teaching the effectiveness of an instrument in establishing an atmosphere that is consistent with the message of a track. The lyrics are built around bringing a relationship back home. The lyrics begin:
I gotta fix myself, somehow
Pull myself up, somehow
You gotta take your time, right now
And we gotta come back home

     During that start, a highly reverberated guitar creates an atmosphere of introspection. The emotion behind the lyrics is genuine. The four lines are repeated at 1:18, but this time with the guitar reaching a crescendo, providing a sense of urgency.
     Still, the feature that defines “Home” as blogworthy is held in reserve until the final minute of the song, when the guitar accompanies distant band vocals proclaiming the need to get back home.  

      The Facebook page of Glass Peaks identifies their hometown as Bexley, UK, and the members as Jake Cox, Alfie Jeffries, and Grant Tugwell. [In our previous post featuring the band, they were a quartet (including Lewis O’Brien).]
     “Home” by Glass Peaks 

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