Monday, May 15, 2017

“Thankless" by Leyendekker – A Song Review

     “Thankless” is a texture wonderland for listeners who have the opportunity to focus on the individual contributions. It’s apparent in the first 30 seconds, as the time signature is percussively established before instruments are introduced with different but cooperative melodies. While most songs featured in Indie Obsessive are ponytails, “Thankless” is a braid.
      In the next 30 seconds, a second dimension of texturing becomes readily apparent, as a low frequency rumbling melody plays over a higher frequency warble. Then, the vocals make their appearance. While the vocal track has some control over the behavior of the instruments, the sophisticated weaving continues. It’s only during its final seconds that “Thankless” becomes a single melody. 

     “Thankless” is the debut Soundcloud upload from Leyendekker. The band is based in London and comprises Calum Duncan (vocals/guitar), Avi Barath (keyboards), Joss Brightwell (bass/keyboards), and Jonny Coote (drums). 
     According to their SubmitHub information, Leyendekker are “united by their love of both the underground club scene and visceral, guitar-based music. Together they embrace a D.I.Y mentality to their craft, combining emotive harmony with analogue effects and synthesizers to carve out a hybrid sound of raw live energy with a more sequential, dance-orientated approach to composition.”

     “Thankless: by Leyendekker 

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