Tuesday, May 23, 2017

“Conversation” by Between Giants – A Song Review

     Sandwiched between an unhurried, calming piano hook that is both the intro and the outro, is a multi-dimensional, split personality track from Tyler John of Orlando, Florida. The most prominent dimensions are aligned with the personalities. At times, “Conversation” is melodic and the lyrics may be troubling, but there is a peace in the awareness that further exploration is not healthy: I found peace in a mind where I was doubted… And I don’t want to see inside the darkest corners of my mind.”

     While this first personality of the “Conversation” has a troubling peace, the second is undeniably troubled. A Rap rhythm accurately captures the inner turmoil reflected in the lyrics. But with all well-crafted lyrics, there is room for different interpretations. Do the two sides take turns surfacing, as in the song? Or has the inner turmoil been left behind after the resolution to stop looking further? This second interpretation is best supported by the transition that occurs at 2:47. The Rap conclusion is that it’s time to find a peace. A wake-up bell can be heard within the mix. Then, the transition to the more soothing approach is followed by references to finding love and finding peace.

     “Conversation” has similarities to Twenty One Pilots, but is lyrically more contemplative. Interestingly, Between Giants is the project of Tyler John, while Tyler Joseph is the frontman of Twenty One Pilots.  

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