Friday, May 26, 2017

Free Friday (“FL&R”) – May 26

     Free and Legal Downloads? Yes, at least temporarily. Bands often temporarily permit free downloads of their releases.  The end of an offer may be based on the expiration of a set period of time or on a limited number of downloads.  But at least for now, here are songs that qualify as Free, Legal and Recommended (FL&R) downloads.
     Finding songs that can be legally downloaded is easy. The difficult task is to find legally downloadable music that we recommend. Our plan is to post at least one FL&R song each Friday.
     Bear With Us are five musicians in Stockholm, Sweden. Their song “Freedom Fighter” begins in a minimalistic mode of low energy piano and vocals. By the end, the song is in full-fledged Rock mode, with guitars blazing.
     “Freedom Fighter” is an anthem – “Nothing’s gonna stand in my way.” But the resolution is looking for a direction – “I’m a freedom fighter, who don’t know what he's fighting for.

     The members of Bear With Us are Björn Lundkvist (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kalle Andersson (piano, keys), Anton Sivertsson (lead guitar), Alexis Tubulekas (bass),  and Emil Westin (drums). 
     “Freedom Fighter” by Bear with Us 

     This week, a “Song of the Day” on the KEPX site was “Rain in Soho” by The Mountain Goats. This is a chorus-backed gem. KEPX, we thank you! Until the offer ages itself off the list, the download is available by going to KEPX (CLICK HERE) and scrolling to May 23.
     The Mountain Goats are currently on tour, promoting the album “Goth.” For tour information, go to The tour includes two performances in San Francisco. 

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