Thursday, May 11, 2017

“St. Anthony” by Joel Porter – A Song Review

     With elegance, Joel Porter provides equal parts of confession, admission, and prayer. “St. Anthony” is a song about self-awareness.

     The lyrics are directed to “Anthony,” the patron saint for the recovery of lost items. The connection to the saint provides context, and is not required to give the song meaning. The poetry within those lyrics and the gentleness of the vocals deliver the meaning.

     Joel Porter is from Bismarck, North Dakota, but has spent time in Nashville.
     “St. Anthony” by Joel Porter

Lyrics of “St. Anthony” by Joel Porter
Hear me Anthony,
I can’t seem to find what I’m seeking
Misplaced all my love and way of thinking
Carried in the current of last year

Help me Anthony,
My mistakes are finally catching up
I ignored the simple acts of love
Let them rust all bundled up with greed

I’m sick of seeing all the times I chose the lie
And tired of being reminded of my measured time
To make things right

Holy Anthony,
Your passion is something that I’m seeking
To emulate, although my action’s flawed
Lost and I don’t know where I’ve been

Hold me at the knees,
Hang me upside down so I can find
A living world outside of black and white
Color bursting full and out of seam

I’m sick of writing songs that make my father cry
So why am I compelled to write with words of slight
I need some help to find where grace and peace collide
And give back to the world the words I know I have inside
Help me fight
To make things right
Help me find
My beautiful mind

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  1. Yes I hear you Joel.
    Cheers mate.
    And don't worry..
    You do have a beautiful mind.