Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“Sugar” by True Moon – A Song Review

     Move over Jehnny Beth, there is competition for the best Post-Punk female vocalist. Karolina Engdahl is the name sewn into the hat that was just thrown into the ring. In reality, we recognize this is not a competition, since the Post-Punk attitude is to show distain for such rankings and since neither Beth nor Engdahl has any idea who we are. Moreover, we would prefer to see the two bands (Savages and True Moon) together, rather than to pick one over the other.

     True Moon is primarily the Swedish duo of Karolina Engdahl (vocals, bass) and Tommy Tift (guitar). In their song “Sugar,” the melody begins ominously. The percussion takes control after 20 seconds, but it’s the bass line and guitar that draw the attention until the vocals enter.

     “Sugar” is on the ten-track album that carries the band’s name.  

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