Thursday, May 25, 2017

“Drag Me Down” by NYIKO – A Song Review

     Bells are pealed, not pianos. The start of “Drag Me Down” is an exception. A chord is struck and the piano strings are allowed to vibrate with decreasing volume, until the chord is struck again.  The approach is effective in immediately setting an expectation of solemn subject matter. The vocals enter with “The light was always on when I woke up; but not today, I didn’t understand.” The lyrics of the song from NYIKO are built around a relationship that needs to end, despite some reluctance.

     “Drag Me Down” is joyless subject matter wrapped in a melody that is almost high-spirited at times. For example, the instrumental support is playful during a segment that begins at 1:24. The counterbalance adds to the interest in the song.

     NYIKO is Nyiko Beguin (“nee-koh” “bay-gan”), a recording artist, producer, and visual artist in Los Angeles. According to the Facebook page of NYIKO, the live band includes Dan Smith, Ian Senesac, and Tyler Daniel Bean. 
     “Drag Me Down” by NYIKO 

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