Tuesday, May 16, 2017

“Dreaming About” by Goodwood Atoms – A Song Review

     When a song begins with a sound reminiscent of an old school coffee percolator, it sets an expectation for a wake-me-up energy level. A little beyond its one-minute mark, “Dreaming About” delivers on the expectation. But unlike the particular type of percolator, the song doesn’t belong to the 1960s. Synthesizers establish the foundation for the song structure, while the vocals define the shape and the guitars provide the beatification.
     “Dreaming About” first surfaced during 2016. Goodwood Atoms recently signed with Yunizon Records in Paris, and we’re given a second opportunity to discover and praise the skills of Goodwood Atoms.  

     In describing the story behind "Dreaming About," band member Joey Pooley stated:
  "It wasn't much more than a drum loop and a vocal track when I brought it to the band, and we were able to craft it into something really sonically rich but also fun and danceable. It has a straightforward pop feel that's different from most of the other tracks on the record, which are more dark and nuanced. But it works because its themes are a bit darker. It's kind of bittersweet in that way."

     Goodwood Atoms are based in Vancouver, Canada. The members are Francis Hooper (vocals, guitar), Joey Pooley (bass, vocals), Dawson Verboven (guitar), and Justin Banmann (drums).
     “Dreaming About” by Goodwood Atoms 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodWoodAtoms/

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  1. In love with this song... The start reminds Beach House, that reminds me Cocteau Twins... The vocals reminds Local Natives. Really beautiful...