Monday, May 1, 2017

“Rest Your Head” by Low Island – A Song Review

     Close your eyes and go to sleep; I would hold the mirror to your dreams.” So begin the lyrics of the Low Island track entitled “Rest Your Head.” The song is tranquil, so sleep is an option. But for us, the melody and its execution carry an imagery more closely aligned with a quiet appreciation of your surroundings while resting on an isolated beach. The low-impact, nearly constant percussion defines the rhythm of the surroundings. The guitars wash in, similar to waves reaching the beach, or wash through and then fade, similar to gentle breezes that only increase the serenity. The occasional addition of peaceful bird noises is a bonus.
     Vocally, “Rest Your Head” is a combination of lead vocals in the falsetto range and backing voices in a more relaxed range. The effect enhances the imagery painted by the instruments.

     According to the SubmitHub information about the Oxford-based band:
 Low Island was formed as an accidental by-product of a theatre score composed by Jamie Jay (vocals/guitars/keys/electronics) and Carlos Posada (vocals/guitar/keys). The pair, who also enjoyed some success in the world of dance music with a residency at The Warehouse in Leeds, called upon bassist Jacob Lively, with whom they’d played in an alt-rock band as teenagers. The line-up is completed by percussionist Felix Higginbottom, who previously toured with the Brooklyn jazz ensemble Snarky Puppy.

     “Rest Your Head” by Low Island 

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