Monday, May 29, 2017

“Liars” and “Lions” by VINCI – A Band Review

     Their songs have a maturity and depth that aren't often within the grasp of a band that is only starting to gain traction on the road to acclaim. VINCI is a Dublin-based band with two Soundcloud shares. The first was “Lions,” which showed the lyrical skills of the band. The more recent release is “Liars,” which is more textured and takes a cinematic approach in its presentation.

     VINCI has an advantage over other bands. Among the five members is a cellist. The cello is perhaps the most effective instrument in establishing an intended emotional atmosphere. Still, the attraction to the sound of the band extends beyond a single instrument. The guitars are strong, as evidenced in “Liars.” The percussion isn’t featured, but holds up its end. Vocally, the best comparison is to Bastille, with the almost staccato approach at times and the ability to reach the upper range at other times.

     The members of VINCI are Kurtis (vocals, guitar), Noely (bass), Doyler (cello, keys), Andy (guitar), and Leo (drums). 
     “Lions” by VINCI 

     “Liars” by VINCI 

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