Wednesday, May 24, 2017

“Shake the Room” by ARLO – A Song Review

     This is not your father’s Arlo. The percussion-driven “Shake the Room” is not from the same musical generation as the Folk gems of Arlo Guthrie, such as “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree.”

     This ARLO is an on-the-rise UK singer/songwriter. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths University (London) and now resides in Hackney, after a two-year stint in Harlem. Based upon the small sampling size of two singles, ARLO’s signature sound includes accentuated percussion, synth-generated bubble popping (illusion of popping bubbles), skillful lyricism, and strong vocals.

     Lyrically, “Shake the Room” is directed to self-reliance and maintaining confidence. Structurally, the song is a frequently evolving Pop anthem. In the final 60 seconds of “Shake the Room,” the track evolves through the chorus, a percussion solo, ARLO with percussion-free vocals, and a return to the chorus.

     “Shake the Room” by ARLO 

     Quoting informational material regrading ARLO:
  In the man’s own words : “’Shake The Room’ is about losing confidence in yourself, not trusting your gut and allowing others to control your future." In pure defiance, he sings "I don't need your reverence, I don't need your approval” – constantly striving to be the individual that he was always destined to be.
  A songwriter and vocalist who cites influences from current pop giants Adele and Kanye West to 80’s pop heroes Terence Trent D’Arby and Tears For Fears, ARLO displays a natural knack for story-telling with a wise head on his young shoulders, his narrative is delivered by his distinctive vocal all wrapped up in uplifting pop rhythms and triumphant percussion.

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