Sunday, February 18, 2018

“Even The Joker Cries Sometimes” by Hegarty – A Song Review

     Sometimes a song and a voice seem to find each other. The message is enveloped by the voice as if carefully packaged for a long trip together. That is how we feel when listening to “Even The Joker Cries Sometimes” by Hegarty, a five-member band from Liverpool band. The voice belongs to David Hegarty.

     And the instruments more than hold their own. “Even The Joker Cries Sometimes” is primarily acoustic. The members of Hegarty are David Hegarty (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ian "Igga" Cousins (lead guitar), Chris "Keo" Mckeown (bass), Waka Stafford (drums), and Alex Tweedle (piano/keyboard).

     The message of the track is poetically presented - the person who is viewed as the life of the party has his troubles.

     “Even The Joker Cries Sometimes” by Hegarty 

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