Thursday, February 22, 2018

“Take It From Me” by Healthy Bones – A Song Review

     The debut track from Healthy Bones is an assembly process in which the shape is defined early, but each additional piece enhances the attractiveness, the energy, and the strength of the structure. “Take It From Me” is tight, well balance, and almost exhaustingly lively.

     The song begins unassumingly with acoustic guitars and percussion that sounds to be hand slaps against the guitar body. Soon, a slightly hushed voice is added. The tempo is now established. “Good song” is the conclusion. Then, at the 0:49 mark, more elements make their entrance and “good” is no longer a sufficiently strong description. Voices jump in just before hand claps and background keys. The tempo hasn’t changed, but there is a marked change in energy and the gravitational pull of “Take It From Me.”

   The next boost occurs at 1:21, when the rhythm is fully fleshed out. Percussion and guitar are added to the assembly and the song is now a force. Then, almost a minute later (2:16), the keys are no longer satisfied with their background responsibilities and generate periodic bursts.

       “Take It From Me” could just stay intact for the remainder of the track, and that would be pleasing. But not being satisfied, there is a brief respite shortly after the three-minute mark. Well done, Health Bones!

     Healthy Bones is the new project from writer Dan Masters of Margate, UK.

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