Sunday, February 25, 2018

“The Maze” by The Racer – A Song Review

     Take a “rad” song and make it better. Yes, the term rad hasn’t been popular since the heyday of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but the twist on the phrase from “Hey Jude” expresses our attitude toward the cover of “The Maze” by The Racer. The original by Manchester Orchestra is praiseworthy and deserving of attention. Somehow, the cover tops it.

     “The Maze” fortifies the position that The Racer will be one of the major breakout bands of 2018. According to the email submission for the song:
  “In 2017, The Racer took full control of their art, eschewing the album format for the time being and focusing on enjoying releasing single-format content more regularly. Fans should keep their eyes peeled through 2018 for fresh video/audio content and more!”  

     “The Maze” (Manchester Orchestra Cover) by The Racer 

Lyrics of “The Maze” by The Racer
I notice you when you're noticing me
Breaking the habit, you're watching me sleep
Oh, give me some time, let me learn how to speak
I'm a maze to you

I never mind about bothering you
I'm trying to decide if I'll bother with you
So, feed me your wisdom and breathe me your truth
I'm amazing

Wish me a wonder and wish me to sleep
You don't have to wander to hear when I speak
There is nothing I've got when I die that I keep
It's amazing

Somebody said it's unspeakable love
Somebody said it's unspeakable love
Well, you don't believe I can speak well at all
You're a maze to me

First of a thousand to write on the wall
It's only beginning, it's swallowing us
Somebody said it's unspeakable love
It's amazing

You lift that burden off of me
You lift that burden off of me
You lift that burden off of me

     “The Maze” by Manchester Orchestra

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