Friday, February 9, 2018

“Made To Find You” by Belle Mt – A Song Review

     If Parliament (or Congress) of the Indie Universe were considering legislation to require bands to include at least four members, “Made To Find You” would be strong evidence against the position that a quartet is needed to achieve a rich, powerful sound.  

     “Made To Find You” is a vocals-driven track from London’s Belle Mt (pronounced “Belle Mont,” similar to the surname of its frontman). But the instruments hold their own while creating a soundscape that is initially sparse and soon lushly layered. Each member of the trio is a multi-instrumentalist and also contributes to the vocals. They are Matt Belmont (vocals, guitar, piano), Ben Worsley (electric guitar, bass, synth, vocal harmonies), and Chris Burgess (drums, SPD trigger pads, vocal harmonies).

     The guitar work in “Made To Find You” isn’t note-synched to the syllables in the lyrics; instead creating a foundation on which the vocals and synth ride. For the percussion, it sounds as though the drumsticks strike a metallic rim more often than a drumskin. The wood-to-metal rhythm adds to the attractiveness of the track.  

     In describing the background of the song, Londoner Matt Belmont stated:
  “’Made To Find You’ was the first song I wrote on my first trip to Nashville to write new music for this project. It was a couple of days before I could get into the studio to write with Femke (Femke Weidema - Producer) and so I sat at this old piano in my AirBnb all day and came up with the chord pattern and the arpeggiated chorus melody in preparation for the session. When I got into the session with Femke she heard that arpeggio and was like ‘That's the chorus! Now let’s write the verses.’ The song is without a doubt one of the most upbeat I've ever written and it make an awesome show opener in the live set; we're really excited for this song to come and complete the first volume of Belle Mt songs."

     “Made To Find You” by Belle Mt 

Lyrics of “Made To Find You” by Belle Mt
When the walls fall
Hear the sounds of trouble
Like distant gunshots
Waiting for the eye of the storm
And in the silence in the silence

When my words fail
When my heart stops
I wouldn't blame you
If you take the moment and run
I wouldn't fight you
Cause I'm made to find you

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh [Repeat 2x]
I'm made to find you

Every door slam
Every wildfire
Comes between us
And fades in the black of the night
And In the darkness
I'll find where your heart is

When the road ends
And you're broken
Out in the open
Looking for a new place to hide
I'll leave the light on
For when want to come home

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh [Repeat 2x]
I'm made to find you


When you're broken
Need fixing
When your soul lays heavy, I'll lift it
When in the same home, you go missing
Well I know every place you’ve hidden
When you’re broken, I’m gonna right it
If you lose your way I’ll light it...
…Cause I’m made to find you

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh [Repeat 2x]
I'm made to find you
[Repeat 3x]

Where you go
There I go
I'll follow
…I’m made to find you

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