Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Say Your Prayers" by Rocket Paloma – A Song Review

     “Say Your Prayers” is a whitewater raft trip of energy. During some portions of the trip, you need to use the oars, but there are times when your goal is merely to stay upright. The track from Rocket Paloma is exhilarating.

     Rocket Paloma is the second Milwaukee-based band that introduced itself to Indie Obsessive in the last week. Is the Wisconsin city becoming the next Austin or Nashville? Probably not, but…  The members of Rocket Paloma are Joanna Kerner (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Blohm (bass), Jack Beyler (lead guitar), and Bob Schaab (percussion).

     Quoting the bio of Rocket Paloma:

  “ROCKET PALOMA is a four-piece rock outfit with a heavy folk foundation and a progressive edge based out of Milwaukee. Their music blends imaginative leads atop a forceful and driving rhythm section with soaring vocals and crafted storytelling.”

    "Say Your Prayers" by Rocket Paloma 

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