Sunday, February 11, 2018

Samuel Jack and Lauren Ruth Ward – Video Features

     Two recently released videos provide visual evidence of the Soulfulness of Samuel Jack and the charisma of Lauren Ruth Ward. For fans of the two, evidence wasn’t necessary.

     The song “Kill All the Lights” was featured in a February 5 post – CLICK HERE, if interested. The video arrived a view days later. The scenes include Samuel Jack at the piano, showing that his performance skills aren’t limited to the use of his voice. Regarding the dancing, Samuel said, “I got to work with the incredible Stephanie Kim shooting this video; and her interpretation through dance really communicates the internal struggle I was having while writing this song.”

     Lauren Ruth Ward released her debut album “Well, Hell” and simultaneously shared a new video. The video is for the album track “Sheet Stains.” All that remains is a national tour. Interestingly, Ward pencils the initials “LP” at the 1:16 mark and then sends a mixed message by aggressively covering the letters with a number of hearts. The initials represent Laura Pergolizzi, who is at The Independent in San Francisco tonight. 

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