Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“Thanks To You” by Mara Falls – A Song Review

     The guitars skillfully vary among Rock sensibilities while remaining consistently praiseworthy. "Thanks To You" resides in the darker neighborhoods of the Rock genres, but adeptly moves around within those neighborhoods. However, our favorite guitar feature of “Thanks to You” is one that we only assume was intentional. He calls her “The Devil” (‘cause she leads him astray) and she calls him “The Reaper.” The guitar hook that immediately follows the reference to The Reaper has a taste of Blue Oyster Cult in their most significant contribution to music – “(Don't Fear) The Reaper.” The hook plays in other portions of “Thanks To You,” but is most powerful when attached to The Reaper.

     The instrumental support in “Thanks To You” is masterfully married to the lyrics and vocals. The track is a dark portrayal of a relationship. At 2:14, the description briefly warms as he admits, “I always thought it’d be you…“ The instruments are almost tender, until the lyrics move from expectations to reality, when the pounding percussion and driving bass reestablish the tone of the relationship.

     The members of Mara Falls are Peter Black (vocals, guitar), Lola Rose (bass), and Peter Szots (drums). The band’s bio explains their origin:
  "Hailing from Coventry, Mara Falls' founding member and frontman, Peter Black met bassist Lola Rose in Paris, after a midnight decision to move to the French capital. Melding stadium anthems with an intimate, deeper than the surface, writing style, foundations were set. The group was completed after returning to Coventry, with the addition of drummer, Peter Szots."

     “Thanks To You” by Mara Falls 

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