Tuesday, February 6, 2018

“True Romance” by Swimm – A Song Review

     In a climate having an oversensitivity to political incorrectness, there’s a risk in drafting lyrics that compare “girls” in different geographical areas. Sure, the Beach Boys released “California Girls” in 1965 and The Beatles compared girls from different Eastern European countries in 1969 (“Back in the U.S.S.R”). But things have changed since the '60s.

     So what, says Swimm. Swimm released the track “True Romance,” which includes the comparison of LA girls being mean, while New York girls are honest. We are fans of the song. But we have been fans of Swimm since we caught a performance in San Francisco (pictures included). They have an energy and charism, so we made sure to see them again at SXSW 2016.

     “True Romance” will be a track on Swimm’s debut album, “Sentimental Porno.” The band was founded by two Floridians who now reside in Los Angeles - Chris Hess (vocals, guitar) and Adam Winn (percussion. harmonica). Swimm has since expanded to include Hany Zayan and Marton Bizits. 

     “True Romance” by Swimm 

Lyrics of “True Romance” by Swimm
LA girls are mean
And the ones that aren't
I happen to be so close with
Lucky them, lucky me

LA girls are ready for the summer
I want a base tan and a married man
Is that so much to ask for?
Tripped and fell in love and now he can't be reached
Who am I to judge, you're 23

LA boys are optimistic
A will for fun and wish for love
But it’s so unrealistic
Gotta find a girl to save, tell yourself she’s sadistic
Now you're calling baby
Cause the nice way is what you’re missing

I want what's best for you,
I want what's best for you
True romance
True romance

New York girls are honest
She won't be making it to your show
But she’s so glad you called her
You'll see her in 6 months
When she moves to LA.
It turns out she appreciates this slower change of pace

American boys know what they want
Careless sex as sweet relief
And I don't want to see it,
I wanna be more than a jealous lover
In search of sweet release
I want to be more mature
Be the one to set you free
I want you to be a virgin
Born again after me...
But really.

I want what's best for you
I want what's best for you
True romance
True romance
[Repeat 3x]

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