Tuesday, February 20, 2018

“Flowers In The Basement” by Mammoth Indigo – A Song Review

     The delivery is so varied, we were dubious when we saw the sparse lyrics of “Flowers In The Basement.” The lyrical content has to exceed ten different lines; it must! Even if the measurement is based on poignancy, there must be more:
“I'm starting to hate getting older now
Everything's uninspired”

      After tracking the lyrics while listening to the track, we were convinced. The variations in vocal delivery and instrumental support foster the impression that the lyrics are more varied than is the case. At the start of “Flowers In The Basement” the melody is gentle and the vocals are soft. Later, the instruments are forceful and the voice moves to shouting. The power of the track is that Mammoth Indigo handles each sensibility well. Mammoth is a genre chameleon. Their talents extend across the spectrum of Rock genres – Post, Shout, Art, Classic…

     Mammoth Indigo is from Virginia. According to their Facebook page, their “hometown” is Yorktown/Harrisonburg/Richmond. The members are Cody Bowers, Dan McDonough, Eric Singer, and Adam Vaagen. “Flowers In The Basement” is the first track from Mammoth Indigo’s sophomore record "Wilt."

     “Flowers In The Basement” by Mammoth Indigo 

Lyrics of "Flowers In The Basement" by Mammoth Indigo
This one's to the late nights in your car
This one's to those dreams of you being a movie star
This one's to the life we could have
This one's to "Hey kid, there is no turning back"
(No turning)

I'm starting to hate getting older now
Everything's uninspired
I am that flower in the window sill just wilting
Wondering how the sun once felt

Your heartache always waits on the other side
I'm that flower dying, I'm that flower dying

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