Thursday, February 15, 2018

“Is It Paranoia” by Twin Ritual – A Song Review

     Power vocals portraying a powerless condition in a forceful rhythm. That is the formula for “Is It Paranoia” by Twin Ritual. The formula is immediately effective. Then, the quick-twitch guitar (such as at 1:44) enters atop a strong bass line and the mixture becomes even more attractive.

     Lyrically, “Is It Paranoia” is about pushing the boundaries of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” There’s a paranoia as to where her “significant other” is heading during the evenings. “Where do you go at night, do I even want to know?”

     Twin Ritual is a San Diego band that released its debut EP “Hand Through The Mist.” All four tracks on the EP are in a “punk” genre, but each deserves its own hyphenated qualifier. “Is It Paranoia” is within a Dance-ready postpunk subcategory, while “Angry” is squarely in a Debbie Harry-disco-influenced punk track subgenre.

     The members of Twin Ritual are Laura Levenhagen (vocals, synth), Anthony Spells (bass), Nathan Leutzinger (guitar), and Lionel Hernandez (drums).

     “Is It Paranoia” by Twin Ritual 

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