Friday, April 6, 2018

“All I Want” by Francis – A Song Review

      “All I Want” is a continuum in which the foundation for the song’s attractiveness remains consistent during a succession of three reasons for getting excited about upcoming releases from Francis. Piano and sentimentally troubled vocals are featured during the early portion of the track. They have the gravity to draw the attention of the listener into full engagement with the melody and the message. Then, the chorus of “All I Want” arrives to transform the song into one with strong synth Alt-Pop sensibilities. The foundation remains the same, but the basis for praising the track shifts.

     The song gets better yet. The final portion of “All I Want” features lyrical layering and highly textured instrumentation. The two vocal layers are equally catchy and inviting, while the instruments are intelligently mixed.

     Francis is a quintet based in Falun, Sweden. The members are Petra Mases (vocals), Petter Nygårdh (drums), Jerker Krumlinde (guitar), Paulina Mellkvist (bass), and Oskar Bond (keyboard). In mixing “All I Want,” the band again worked with Nicolas Vernhes (Daughter, The War on Drugs, Animal Collective, Deerhunter, Dirty Projectors…). It’s a good fit, since Petra has traits and talents in common with Daughter’s Elena Tonra and Francis sometimes has the guitar feel of War on Drugs. Any War on Drugs influence is less clear in “All I Want,” as compared to the 2016 release “Follow Me Home” (embedded below).

     "All I Want" is out digitally worldwide on Strangers Candy April 30.

     “Follow Me Home” by Francis 

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