Monday, April 30, 2018

“When We’re Gone” by Amo Amo – A Song Review

     The versatility of Amo Amo is on full display in its debut track. “When We’re Gone” ranges from an early delicate, distant sensibility to an invigorated bridge that is dispatched by a guitar riff and delivered by percussion. When the vocals rejoin at the end of the bridge, the track is a masterful blend of the dreamlike vocals and driving instrumental support.

      Amo Amo is formed of five musicians from Southern California. The members are Omar Velasco, Justin Flint, Alex Siegel, Lovelle Femme, and Shane McKillop. We looked for the names of the members sooner than our usual pattern, because the voice of "Love" Femme reminded us of Ella Girardot, the lead vocalist of Arthur Beatrice, a UK band we hold in high regard.

     “When We’re Gone” is the first release from a full length album that will arrive this year. Jim James of My Morning Jacket worked with Amo Amo to produce the album, which was recording in a house in Foxen Canyon, California. The promotional material regarding “When We’re Gone” asks:
  “Why must mysticism be considered such a solitary practice — a spiritual union gained only through a single person’s transcendence? Why can’t mysticism happen en masse — some Big, Pop-Mysticism? Only with music has humankind been able to achieve this sort of communion. From the festival to the club to the drum circle, it’s the only place where a modern person can shed the human skin — all our worries, differences and debts give in to the beat, to the moment. It’s almost as if the music of Los Angeles' Amo Amo’s sole intent is to GET US THERE. Their instantly gratifying, euphoric compositions seem laser-focused on bringing a mess of humans into a space and getting them to move together like a single, pulsating organism.”

     “When We’re Gone” by Amo Amo

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