Friday, April 6, 2018

“Miles” by Ade Mai – A Song Review

     When the on-line information about a musician is thin, it seems fair to characterize the person based on his music. After listening to “Miles” and “Way She Sings” multiple times, we picture Ade Mai as a peaceful soul with a strength derived from the passion for his music.

     The acoustic guitar during the intro of “Miles” has a tender elegance that provides notice of a relaxed, low pressure atmosphere. The ambiance remains as “Miles” travels through two vocalization settings. Then, Ade Mai shows versatility in his composition with two rhythm shifts. The first occurs around 3:25 and the second, even more uplifting one is around the five-minute mark.

     Ade Mai is a singer/songwriter with connections to both Bournemouth, UK and Helsinki, Finland. The bio on Ade’s Tumblr site describes him as being an “old school Folk artist” and an experimental sound engineer. “Miles” is Ade's second single of 2018, and first to be released with the ever increasingly influential alexrainbirdRecords.

      “Miles” by Ade Mai

     Indie Obsessive is also a fan of Ade’s “Way She Sings.” 

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