Monday, April 9, 2018

“Feel the Energy” by Sean Koch – A Song Review

     “Feel the Energy” is a masterful fusion of rhythm influences affected by personal interests. The song certainly reflects the South African origin of Sean Koch. Only slightly less evident are the Caribbean beats. In combination with the song’s message, “Feel the Energy” becomes spiritual in its accounting of the power of the ocean and our past. The musicians of the band sometimes refer to themselves as Cape Town surfer boys who have been inspired by their environment - the raw, beautiful landscapes of South Africa, where the dense, lush mountains reach white sand beaches.

     The beauty of the country is showcased in the video of “Feel the Energy.” In the final scene, Sean Koch is shown on a summit region with a djembe, a percussion instrument he attributes as leading him to the understanding of rhythm and beat that now subtly speak through his smooth guitar riffs and softly sung lyrics.

     The video shows Sean Koch, Cato Caitlin and Ross Hillier. Cato is from Belgium, while Ross is a member of the band. The four members are Sean Koch (guitar, vocals), Shaun Cloete (bass, lead guitar, keys), Ross Hillier (drums, percussion), and Dean Bailey (bass). “Feel the Energy” is the first single from their upcoming debut album “Your Mind Is a Picture.

     The single is littered with features worthy of praise. We particularly enjoy the energy uplift occurring around the three-minute mark, which wains briefly before returning with its increased emphasis on wind instruments. Still, the song is an acoustic marvel. The cultural chants during portions of “Feel the Energy” also provide a dimension that distinguishes the track from most Indie songs.

    “Feel the Energy” by Sean Koch 

"Your Mind is a Picture" – European Album Release Tour
02.05.2018 Prinzenbar | Hamburg - DE
03.05.2018 - 06.05.2018 Maktubsounds good | Portugal - PT
07.05.2018 MTC | Cologne - DE
09.05.2018 Cafe Galao | Stuttgart - DE
10.05.2018 Club Stereo | Nuremburg - DE
11.05.2018 Degginger | Regensburg - DE
12.05.2018 Strom | Munich - DE
20.05.2018 Schuur | Luzern - CH
21.05.2018 Papiersaal | Zurich - CH
22.05.2018 Schon Schoen | Mainz - DE
24.05.2018 De Zwerver | Leffinge - BE
25.05.2018 Hedon | Zwolle - NL
26.05.2018 Sniester Festival | Den Haag - NL
28.05.2018 Pines and Beach Festival | Moliets - FR
31.05.2018 Badehaus | Berlin - DE
02.06.2018 Rhiz | Vienna - AT
06.06.2018 Rotunde | Bochum - DE
09.06.2018 Blacksheep Festival | Bonfeld - DE
10.06.2018 Surfana Festival | Bloemendaal- NL
20.06.2018 Frischzelle | Darmstadt - DE
23.06.2018 Midsummer Nights | Timboektoe, Velsen - NL
24.06.2018 Mundial Festival | Tilburg - NL
28.07.2018 Kultur Ufer Friedrichshafen | Friedrichshafen - DE
03.08.2018 Sound of the Forest Festival - DE
04.08.2018 Bulli Summer Festival | Wolfsburg - DE
08.08.2018 Sziget Festival | Budapest - HU
11.08.2018 Rock Les Bain’s | Plombieres Les Bain’s - FR
12.08.2018 Zandstock Festival | Noord Holland - NL
17.08.2018 - 18.08.2018 Enter The Wave | Le Pin Sec-Noord - FR
25.08.2018 Rampe Open Air | Hausen am Albis – CH

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