Friday, April 13, 2018

“Let It Die” by RIVVRS – A Song Review

     RIVVRS has a percolating soulfulness that brews authenticity, strength and conviction to the message. The latest example is “Let It Die,” which describes a relationship suffering a slow death after it has become clear that love has long since passed away. Relationship inertia and the unattractiveness of being alone are the reasons for not pulling the plug on the life support system.

      RIVVRS is among the performers in the Friday lineup of Napa’s sold-out BottleRock Festival in late May. It will be something of a homecoming. After high school, RIVVRS (aka Brandon Zahursky) moved from San Bruno to Napa, where he worked in the wine industry. He has since relocated to Los Angeles.

     At the start of “Let It Die,” the instruments are relegated to merely establishing the beat. The focus is on the vocals. As the song progresses, the track remains vocal-centric, but the instruments become more assertive. Thus, there is a slow-mounting crescendo that plants its roots at 2:25 and leads to declarations of “I’m gonna let it die!” The declarations are followed by a swirling outro.

     “Let It Die” is destined for an album, which will be released later this year. The album, “Cosmic Dreamer,” will also include the soulful, passionate pleading of the single “Don’t Give Up On Me.”

     “Let It Die” by RIVVRS

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