Friday, April 20, 2018

“Urban but Not” by Jon Vautier – A Song Review

      In the title track of the EP “Urban but Not,” somber vocals are set in contrast to a melody that often carries an urgency. The last hundred seconds are dominated by an energizing, stepped intensity build, while the lyrics remain gloomy – “Transmission stopped, the future blocked.” The final step is at the 3:52 mark, with an increased emphasis on the layered guitars.

     The song is the work of Jon Vautier, a singer, songwriter and musician in London. According to his website, Keir Adamson is the drummer and Lucas Mendes provides guitars and keys.

     The Spotify feed of the four-track EP is embedded below. The EP is described as “a record born out of melancholy which perfectly encapsulates the bleak landscapes of inner city life.” Similar to the title track, we recommend a focus on the guitar of “Supermarket Loneliness,” with its increasing attractiveness as the song progresses.  

     “Urban but Not” by Jon Vautier 

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