Monday, April 23, 2018

“Lone Wolf” by Georgi Kay – A Song Review

     It’s fitting that someone who has worked to achieve prominent sophistication in live looping should release a song titled “Lone Wolf.” The lyrics of Georgi Kay’s single clearly embrace life beyond the stage, but her performance of the textured track as a solo artist adds another dimension to “Lone Wolf.”

    The loop petal released solo musicians from studios, allowing those with a range of skills to add layers of sounds atop looping song segments. Advances in on-the-spot vocal processing and vocal playback add to the magic, giving a single on-stage voice the ability to generate harmony. A video of a live performance of “Lone Wolf” is embedded in this post.

    Speaking about “Lone Wolf,” Georgi Kay explained that the song is about true loneliness:
  "Accepting the fact that no matter how many good people you have in your life, they will never truly know and understand you as deeply and as intimately as you know yourself. What’s so funny and oddly comforting about this truth, is that we have all felt this way."
  “For me, the song creates a desolate landscape, isolated and untouched – myself being the only living soul within it. That feeling of loneliness and silence forces me to look within myself and reflect on everything that makes me who and what I am to a point where I can accept all of it – transforming my loneliness into something beautiful.”

     The instrumentation of “Lone Wolf” is layered, but each layer promotes the feel of being alone. We particularly appreciate the low frequency rumbles that populate most to the track. In a live setting, the rumbles likely vibrate the contents of chest cavities of the people close to the stage. 

      Georgi Kay is currently based in Los Angeles. She has toured with Tash Sultana, another looper on the rise. 

     “Lone Wolf” by Georgi Kay 

Lyrics of “Lone Wolf” by Georgi Kay
It’s like no matter
How many good people in my life
I feel lonely
Always feel lonely

It’s just a moment
I get stuck into every time
It’s taking over
Maybe it’s your love that I need

How can I let you in
If I’m putting up a wall everytime?
You gotta break it down
If you wanna come cross that line

How can you breathe me in
If you’re gonna get no air?
Hey I know that
I know that
I know that

I know that ain’t fair
Will you think of me
When you drive with the windows down?
Will you understand
Why I’m here with a broken crown?

My city of dirt
My home, my heart, my town
No, I’m not going to leave now
Hey yeah

I will always be a lone wolf
There is nothing you can do
I will always be a lone wolf
Forever howling at the moon

[Repeat from start]

An opportunity to appreciate the looping skills of Georgi Kay.

An opportunity to see Georgi Kay with Lauren Ruth Ward. 

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