Thursday, April 19, 2018

“White Lines” by Eliza Shaddad – A Song Review

     Listening to “White Lines” was like reuniting with an unintentionally neglected sensation. In 2016, the music of Eliza Shaddad was an eminent resident in the Indie blogosphere. Indie Obsessive was particularly attached to the songs with one-word titles, including “War” and “Run.” The introduction to “White Lines” triggered decisons to revisit those songs, with overdue placements onto personal playlists.

     “White Lines” is a driving song, both lyrically and melodically. The white lines are road markings. Long highway drives create an almost reclusive condition that makes it easier to properly put things in perspective and sort through issues. Eliza explains, "White Lines is about the jubilation felt on finally being brave, making the right decision, and heading into the great unknown.”

     The song has a rhythm that’s consistent with the driving theme. There is a regularity that represents constant forward movement, but with instrumental variations to retain interest in the melody. In fact, a focus on the instruments adds to the enjoyment of “White Lines.” Perhaps most noteworthy is the guitar that imitates a Doppler effect, as if the car is traveling in the opposite direction of a train or semitruck using its horn (starting at the 4:33 mark).

     “White Lines” is the first single from the upcoming album of Londoner Eliza Shaddad. "Future" will be produced by her Mercury-nominated longtime collaborator, Chris Bond, who also worked on her “Run” and “Waters” EPs.

     “White Lines” by Eliza Shaddad

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