Tuesday, April 24, 2018

“Stay” by VIVE – A Song Review

     As Paul Newman asked Robert Redford in puzzled admiration, “Who are those guys?” That was a catch phrase of the 1969 movie “Butch Cassidy,” but we asked the same question (also in admiration) as we hunted for information about the Brooklyn-based band VIVE.

      Based on their song “Stay,” VIVE is a band that is equally strong at vocally driving a song and allowing their guitars to do the heavy lifting. The track begins calmly with band vocals asking the question, “Why don’t you stay?” The start gives no sign of an impending guitar invasion. As “Stay” progresses, there are hints of a shift away from the vocal-centric nature. The guitar is no longer the background support, instead taking a Shoegaze/Rock position in the track. Then, 90 seconds into the song, a cordial coup occurs. The guitar is in power, until the masterful arrangement, production and mixing temporarily returns “Stay” to its tranquil beginnings.  

      The Soundcloud stream states that "Stay" embodies the constant tension of coming and going, the constant tension of birth and death. VIVE is a trio in Brooklyn who describe their music as being about life and love and why.

     "Stay” by VIVE 


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