Friday, April 27, 2018

“The Execution” by Tuarrah – A Song Review

     Move over Rick Wakeman, you are no longer at the top of the chart of best songs inspired by 16th century British nobility turmoil. Does Billboard maintain that chart? While still with Yes, Wakeman released the solo album “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” in 1973. We have the vinyl version of the album; and today we added the digital version of “The Execution” by Tuarrah to our collection.

      “The Execution” is art motivated by art. Pictured above is the work of French painter Paul Delaroche. The painting depicts the final moments of Lady Jane Grey, who was beheaded in 1533 after a nine-day reign as Queen of England. Full disclosure, we had to do the research on the Queen and the painting (CLICK HERE, if you are interested in a summary).

      Tuarrah’s representation of the painting is equally artistic, as the vocals are passionate, the percussion is forceful without being demanding, and the other instruments are effective in enhancing the emotions. The genius of the song is in the presentation of the different perspectives of persons shown in the painting. “The Execution” begins from the perspective of the executioner, who stands with his sharpened ax. He is detached as he waits, but notes that Lady Jane Grey is more attractive when viewed up close.

     After the chorus, the song takes the perspective of the man who is helping position Lady Jane Grey. He is compassionate, showing concern that the blindfold is in place and she has the comfort of the kneeling cushion. As he guides her hand to the block, he tells her that it will all be over soon.

     The chorus repeats and the song moves to the perspective of the other attendees in the painting. They plead not to be forced to watch.

     “The Execution” is the first of several new songs and videos that will lead to an LP release sometime in fall. Tuarrah is comprised of two multi-instrumentalist and a vocal magician. They are Charlie Van Kirk (vocals, drums, percussion, bass synthesizers…), Christopher Marion (vocals, guitars, percussion, piano, strings), and Julia Easterlin (vocals).

      “The Execution” by Tuarrah 

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