Sunday, September 24, 2017

“End Of An Error” by Loved Ones – A Song Review

     The percussion accomplishes its purpose of establishing and maintaining the song's rhythm, but it does so with flair. It’s not rare for us to look at tour schedules in order to witness the guitar play within a particular song. It is rare for us to check a band’s tour schedule because we want to witness drumming. The percussion in “End Of An Error” sent us to the “Events” section of the four-member band Loved Ones. They are based in West Kirby, UK. Currently, they seem content with performing in Europe.

     The drumming is not the only interesting instrument in “End Of An Error.” The piano is well conceived and executed, but doesn’t seem to have a friend. That is, the personality of the piano allows it to work well within the team, while still seeming to meander.

     The members of Loved Ones are Nik Glover, Richard Hurst, Ben Shooter, and Dan Taylor.
     “End Of An Error” by Loved Ones 

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