Friday, September 1, 2017

“This Time” and “St. Hanshaugen” by Simen Mitlid – Song Reviews

     Most songs become predictable by the time a listener reaches the midpoint of the song. No complaints from Indie Obsessive, since unpredictability is often achieved at the expense of attractiveness. According to a study by Scientific American, our minds develop brain rhythms as we listen. An unanticipated change can be disruptive.

     So, when a song transition is both unexpected and appealing (Where did that come from?), the skill in the composition and execution should be appreciated. That’s where Simen Mitlid enters the conversation. Among the tracks on the newly released album, “Everything Is the Same,“ are two that raise the question, “Where did that come from?”

     The conclusion during the first half of “This Time” is that the it is an endearing song featuring male vocals and acoustic guitars. The conclusion isn’t shaken when a female voice and additional instruments join as delicate support. The unexpected occurs at the 1:54 mark. The lead vocals are suddenly female and the guitar becomes electric. And now there is percussion, as gentle hand claps define a rhythm. This is not a medley; it’s the same song. But much like a medley of songs, there is an attention refresh.

    “This Time” by Simen Mitlid 

   The “Where did that come from?” moment is more subtle and occurs much later in “St. Hanshaugen.” The song travels along a gentle road, and all the signposts indicate that it will reach the conclusion with the same steady pace. Instead, a crescendo takes control. At first, the build is a slow one and is easily missed or ignored. The build becomes undeniable just after the two-minute mark, when the vocals and instruments combine to steadily increase the intensity and attractiveness of “St. Hanshaugen.”

    “St. Hanshaugen” by Simen Mitlid 


     According to the Facebook page of Simen Mitlid, the other contributors are Emilie Korsvold, Hans Olav Settem, Anders Hjelden, Sondre Fredrikstad, and Marit Othilie Thorvik.

     Quoting the SubmitHub content regarding Simen Mitlid:
  "An emerging talent hailing from the lush woods of  Os, Norway, Indie singer-songwriter Simen Mitlid crafts lush, Nordic Indie-Folk, a la contemporaries like Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene and Patrick Watson. Since the stunning 2015 debut EP 'While We Wait,' Mitlid has been working on a full-length release co-produced with Canadian Producer, Tyler Neil Johnson (Bear Mountain, Young Liars, Austin Basham). Recorded in vivid locales including his hometown cabin, Oslo and Vancouver, the album (Everything Is the Same“) captures the optimism and playful wonder of an artist in his prime."

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