Sunday, September 17, 2017

“Rabbit Holes” by Crooked Weather – A Song Review

     “Rabbit Holes” peacefully leads the listener down the path of Acoustic Folk, then takes an unexpected turn onto an electrified passageway that is a combination of Rock and Psychedelia. The constant is the male portion of the attractive male/female harmonization. At times, the female voice is a reincarnation of the vocals of Stevie Nicks when they were at their vibrato-infused best in the late 1970s.

     The song is from Crooked Weather, which hail from East Yorkshire, UK. The members are Holly Blackshaw, Will Bladen, David Tomlinson, and Tom Skelly. But the credits of “Rabbit Holes” identify the song’s contributors as:
Will Bladen - Acoustic/Electric guitar, vocals & percussion
Holly Blackshaw - Acoustic guitar, vocals & percussion
Rob Burgess - Drums, Bass and Keyboard

     “Rabbit Holes” was written by Bladen. He explains:
  “Rabbit Holes was written surrounded by nature, by the open widow of a rundown Cornish farm house after a period of listening to a lot of The Tallest Man on Earth. The song follows the path of someone yearning to reach their love who has gone to a place that can't be followed. Although they both want to be together, the desperate efforts are seemingly in vein.”

Lyrics of “Rabbit Holes” by Crooked Weather
What can I do to stop you falling down your rabbit hole
On this silver afternoon?
I seem to arrive five minutes late every time
Every time, every time I planned on meeting with your smile.

These days
So, I'm looking for it,
Looking on this silver afternoon.
On this silver afternoon

I've got a secret that I need to tell you
To tell you, ya only you
Well it grows and it flows, and I know
Only you have the key to unlock all that it holds.

On this silver afternoon.

My shoelaces are tied together,
As I stumble up a down escalator,
Just trying to keep up with you.

What can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
On this silver afternoon?
On this silver afternoon?
On this silver afternoon?

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