Saturday, September 23, 2017

“Lost In Your Own Home” by Wooden Arms – A Song Review

     Chamber Pop? Orchestral Rock? The name given to the genre varies, even among its followers. And perhaps more than any other genre, there is a correlation between fans of the genre and concert-going. The explanation for the correlation is that a full appreciation for the arrangement and musical skills for an Orchestral Rock song isn’t possible until you watch its performance.

     However, there is no dispute over the ability of an Orchestral Rock/Chamber Pop band to provide higher levels of textural richness and melodic lushness. The traditional makeup of two guitars, a bass and drums cannot compete with bands that add strings, horns and (often) choir-like vocals. A good example is "Lost In Your Own Home" by Wooden Arms, a five-member band from Norwich, UK. The song carries a depth of emotion that could not be equaled if one of the contributions to the song were unavailable.

     "Lost In Your Own Home" is a single from Wooden Arms’ sophomore album, "Trick of the Light". Quoting the email submission from Diversion Records for the single:
  “Previously a solo writing process by classically trained pianist Alex Carson, for their latest release Wooden Arms has evolved into a collaborative, genre-fluid writing trio between Carson and other members Jeff Smith and Alex Mackenzie to collectively draw from their alternative, classical, and trip-hop influences. A truly impressive and deep album, "Trick of the Light" shakes off the shackles of folk and chamber-pop pigeonholing to include deeper instrumentation coupled with electronic elements to become something newer, darker... more strange.”

     The members of Wooden Arms are Alex Carson (piano, vocals, guitar, organ), Jeff Smith (guitar, vocals, trumpet), Alex Mackenzie percussion, vocals,bass), Fifi Homan (cello, vocals), and Azita Mehdinejad (violin, vocals).

     “Lost In Your Own Home” by Wooden Arms 

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