Monday, November 26, 2018

“Matter” by Leif Erikson – A Song Feature

     “Matter” is the mirrored image of our long-ingrained approach to considering music. Clearly, the vocals support the instruments, rather than the reverse. The voice is pleasing and the lyrics are interesting. But even during the verses, the mixing refuses to move the instruments to the back seat. The richness of “Matter” is in its soundscapes and its instrumental nuances, such as the use of a piano keyboard “glide” to signal a change in tempo (down-tempo at 3:10 and up-tempo at 3:49).

     Leif Erikson is a London band named for the Icelandic explorer. The members are Sam Johnston, Oliver Wright, Tom Leader, Greg Austin, and Giles Robinson. They have been friends since their early teens.

     “Matter” by Leif Erikson 

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