Monday, November 12, 2018

Small Leaks Sink Ships – Song Features

     Orchestral Rock set to intelligent lyrics will likely never receive the attention given to catchy tunes with easily memorized lyrics. So, we tip our hat to those bands that continue to focus on the music that reflects their interests, regardless the low ceiling on potential commercial recognition. Today, the nod is to Small Leaks Sink Ships and the hope is that we are wrong about the height of the ceiling.

     The band has roots in Mesa, Arizona, but Small Leaks Sink Ships is now based in Portland, Oregon (along with Typhoon!). The band’s Facebook page identifies their genre as “indie, progressive, orchestral, rock.” The bio states, “The band merges synthetic samples and beats from scratch with the raw power of acoustic instruments lead by a duo of distinct vocalists creating an eclectic and unique sound.” The members are Judd Hancock (vocals, guitar, piano), London Van Rooy (vocals, drums, piano), Jim Mandel Jr. (bass, guitar), and Ryan Garner (keys, samples, guitar).

      “Maurice's Bed Time Stories” by Small Leaks Sink Ships - with "strings" that sound as if on a steady-paced wheel of notes and with a steady-build crescendo.

     “Broken Church Bells” by Small Leaks Sink Ships

     “Prism” by Small Leaks Sink Ships

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