Friday, November 2, 2018

“No Apologies” by Creature Canyon – A Song Feature

     “No Apologies” opens with an energetic-yet-stately bassline that is soon joined by hammering percussion. The interplay of the two rhythm-section instruments is persuasive in creating an optimistic interest in the track. The optimism is justifiable – the song's vocals deliver and the guitar riffs are electrifying. Among others, fans of Mutemath’s self-titled and “Armistice” albums (our hands are fully extended) should take note of “No Apologies.”

     Creature Canyon is a trio of San Diego natives. The members are Austin Steele (vocals, songwriter), Ryan Amyot (guitar), and Kyle Victoria (drums). “No Apologies” is on the band’s seven-track EP “Did You Want That.” The EP was recorded at LA’s distinguished United Recording Studios.

     If asked to recommend a favorite short block of time in “No Apologies,” we would opt for the 12 seconds that begin at 1:04. As the song exits the chorus, the guitar briefly grabs the spotlight. Then, the guitar and drums go silent, allowing the bass hook to reintroduce the vocals. The 12 seconds are a microcosm of Creature Canyon’s attention to detail in crafting the song.

     “No Apologies” by Creature Canyon

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