Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best Indie Songs of 2018 - Songs 41-50

     This is the final set of Indie songs of 2018. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to rank the tracks. If the process were repeated sometime next month, some shuffling would certainly occur. The bias is towards bands and artists who are not receiving the attention they desire.

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     41. "All Or Nothing" by Nathan Ball (from the post of November 7)

     42. "Discipline" by Beachwood Coyotes (from the post of May 17)

     43. "Sierra Madre" by Jacob Furr (from the post of August 17)

     44. "It's Cold Outside" by Fifth Dawn (from the post of May 14)

      45. "Cold Tub" by D.C.R. Pollock (from the post of July 17) (Still a free download.)

     46. "Alive" by Chaz Thorogood (from the post of November 22)

     47. "The Stranger" by Freedom Baby (from the post of March 21)

     48. "The Execution" by Tuarrah (from the post of April 27)

     49. "Screw All Of It (Live Our Lives)" by Hamster, Tosh (from the post of July 25)

     50a. "We All Believe" by Sean Koch (from the post of September 13)

     50b. "Backstreet" by APRE (from the post of October 28)

     50d. Matriarch" by Dogwood Last (from the post of November 19)

     50e. "Be Alone" by Sego (from the post of October 2)

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  1. Awesome! Here's my Top 10 - 6.