Sunday, October 28, 2018

“Backstreet” by APRE – A Song Feature

      The London duo calls itself APRE and identifies its genre as “Alternative Wonky Indie Electronic Pop.” In “Backstreet,” it’s the guitar during the final 30 seconds that moves the song from “good” to “blogworthy.”

       Quoting the email submission:
  Lyrically, ‘Backstreet’ – say the boys – is “about being lost in relationships through your life whilst trying to find a shortcut through to the backstreets of happiness.” ‘Backstreet’ suggests a duo who have found precisely what they are looking for in APRE itself, a band whose songs frequently twist those most private moments into songs full of brains, heart, and laser-guided melodies.
  Part of what makes APRE special is an eye for detail that looks beyond just the immediate songs they make. The band’s imagery is often shrouded in suburbia, but with a surreal, sometimes-dislocated edge (where outsider and insider are unclear). Time also figures frequently, from the lyrical and visual nods around APRE’s early releases to a sound that draws on the past, and portrays an uncertain future. Even the band name itself begs questions (one version goes that it was inspired by a French girlfriend who kept saying Apres, whilst another interpretation might be that it drops you into a story always evolving, neither at its beginning nor its end). As with any genuinely-aspirational band, everything in APRE’s world matters and yet to the outside eye, not everything makes total sense - which is precisely the point (“none of us really know what we are doing anymore”).

     “Backstreet” by APRE

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