Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best Indie Songs of 2018 - Songs 11-20

     This is the second set of ten Indie songs of 2018. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to rank the tracks. If the process were repeated sometime next month, some shuffling would certainly occur. The bias is towards bands and artists who are not receiving the attention they desire.

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     11. "What You May Find" by Arctic Lake (from the post of June 15)

     12. "It's Not My Fault" by Curtsy (from the post of November 23)

     13. "Warriors" by Skyline Brigade (from the post of May 4)

     14. "It's Raining Inside" by The Racer (from the post of February 2)

     15. "Wool Mind" by Ian Crawford (from the post of July 2)

     16. "Even The Joker Cries Sometimes" by Hegarty (from the post of February 18)

     17. "Sad Eyed Boy" by The Morning Yells (from the post of March 11) (Still a free download.)

     18. "All I Want" by Francis (from the post of April 6)

     19. "Flowers In The Basement" by Mammoth Indigo (from the post of February 20)

     20. "Away From the Rousing Parades" by Callum Pitt (from the post of July 13)

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