Tuesday, November 19, 2019

“Two Embers” by Cavalry – A Song Feature

     Cavalry is one step away from exploding. The injustice is that the step is not one that is necessarily based on merit. The band from Liverpool continues to deliver strong singles in a genre that we would identify as Vocals-driven Soft Rock. Going back to the 60s and the 70s, comparable bands would be the Hollies, America, Toto, Eagles, and Seals and Croft. The totality of music of Cavalry is superior to some of those bands.

       Cavalry has assembled a loyal following (that includes Indie Obsessive). The step to widespread notoriety is to release a single that receives radio play in a wide range of countries, prompting more music lovers to dive into prior releases, such as “Soak,” “Heresy,” and “Everything.”

     “Two Embers” is another single that showcases the melodic and vocal skills of Cavalry. The guitar is clean and attractive, while the percussion is deferential yet powerful. The members of Cavalry are Steven Taylor (guitar), Gareth Dawson (drums), Alan Croft (lead vocals), Austin Logan (guitar) and Paul James Jones (bass).

     “Two Embers” by Cavalry

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